Business Team Members

Prior to Founding Tesera Corp, Ms Soniya worked with various Successful Startup Such as Trinuc, Tunic Groups and Serviced as Vice President of Marketing and Sales, she has the credit of streamlining all activity and free up resources to focus on the more strategic opportunities and core activities that has helped our business grow and compete, and has always believed that “future is in the hands of your workforce”. Ms Soniya Rauniyar holds MS in Computer Science and has around 10 years of Industry Experience, Software, Real Estate, Investment Industries.

Soniya Rauniyar, Founder & President

Prior to Joining Tesera, Iliana Delcheva founded Top Realty Group Property and Investment Company, after she spent eight successful years in the real estate brokerage business with a large firm in Chicago, she had the vision to expand beyond facilitating traditional sale and lease transactions and provide a complete range of sales, leasing, consulting, development, and management services. She carries along with her a large portfolio of property listings and clients throughout Northern Illinois.

Iliana Delcheva, VP of National Sales

Prior Joining Tesera, Mr. Regas had a proven track record in multiple industries with regard to target marketing and building territories from the ground up. Mr. Regas has a successful background with regard to start-up in multiple industries. Mr. Regas has an educational background in Business Management which he obtained from Saint Leo University.

Jason Regas, VP of Strategic Development

Prior to joining Tesera, spent around 6 years in the Engineering and Production departments at one of the only 2 companies in India that manufactures & exports stabilized vitamins, was instrumental in providing the company effective production and engineering solutions adhering to all aspects of ISO-2000 and cGMP, also at present with Trinuc(I) is responsible for streamlining HR activities and help the team make smarter hiring decisions, he is involved in managing suppliers/​vendors that provide IT/ staffing solutions, products and services.

Babu Prasad, VP of Operations Overseas

Prior to joining Tesera Eric engaged in both financial industry and IT industry for many years. He has high qualification in terms of professional investment and IT knowledge with strong financial background. He also has good connection to multiple Chinese communities in North America, China and Taiwan. Eric holds MS in Finance and has 5 years of IT industry experience, served for multiple supranational institutions.

Eric Liu, VP of China Operations